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Gross, Martin


Martin Gross, 1321 Crestview Dr., Holly Hill, Fla.


A black and white photograph of the Cavalier and Cavelettes float during a Homecoming parade for Bethune-Cookman University. The float is being towed down the middle of a street in Daytona. The back end of the car is just visible. The float has a white staircase built on top of it. On top of the staircase are standing four African American women wearing white dresses, gloves, and they are waving to the crowd. On the side of the float is a sign that reads "Cavaliers and Cavalettes Club Inc." On either side of the staircase are palm trees. Along the street can be seen parked cars. The cars are parked in front of local business. The business on the right side of the image is a brick building with a sign that reads, "Lemfree Building 116." A second floor business in this building is the Southern Life Helath Insurance Company, which is advertised in the window. The brick building to the left of this building is a hotel. The building to the left of the hotel is a white building with a sign that reads "Florida Process Color." Palm trees line the side of the street. A utility pole can be seen standing in front of the hotel. Behind the float are three men and two women marching in formation. On the back of the image is written "B-CC Homecoming parade 1968." There is a yearbook stamp that reads, "Page no. 252, Pix no. 1, Order 3718-68." The photographer's stamp is also on the back, which gives the address and telephone number for the studio.




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