McColl, Ann, "Tough Call: Is No Child Left Behind Constitutional?" Phi Delta Kappan, 86(April, 2005), 604-610.


Ann McColl


Raises questions about legal authority for NCLB Act of 2001, its lack of clarity and funding, and its function; raises question of state versus federal power over education.

Broad Topical Focus

Curriculum Policies and Policy Making, Curriculum Contexts and Societal Influences, Curriculum Conceptions and Theories, Curriculum Decision-making Processes, Curriculum Visions and Philosophies

Source Discipline


Mode of Inquiry in the Study

Philosophical Inquiry-Speculative Essay

Type of Study

Single Study

Narrow Topic

Curriculum and Politics, Local Control of Schooling, Government Role in Educational Research & Development, Value Assumptions and Ideologies in Curriculum, Curriculum Standards and Testing, Freedom/Authority and Curriculum


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