Mehta, Jal, The Allure3 of Order: High Hopes, Dashed Expectations, and the Troubled Quest to Remake American Schooling. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013.


Jal Mehta


Traces historically the changes in U.S. school policies and practices related to their rationalization, accountability, and the role of teachers; delves deeply into analysis and explanations for these changes; offers a model that proposes to challenge these trends.

Broad Topical Focus

Curriculum Change, Curriculum Policies and Policy Making, Relation of Curriculum Research to Practice

Source Discipline


Mode of Inquiry in the Study

Historical Inquiry

Type of Study

Single Study

Narrow Topic

Curriculum History, Curriculum and Politics, Curriculum Implementation, Government Role in Educational Research & Development, Local Control of Schooling, Qualitative Research


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