Acceptance; Bike; Challenge; Child with a physical disability; Congenital limb difference; Courage; Death of a mother; Death of a parent; Difference; Disability and Health; Dream; Family Member Death; Family Relationships; Family tragedy; Financial hardship; Homelessness; Living in poverty; Loss; Mobility; No home; Perseverance; Physical Disability; Poverty; Respect; Single mother; Single Parent; Soccer; Support; Transient


● The student will be able to identify Emmanuel's contributions to his community. ● The student will identify ways as citizens they can make positive contributions in their community. ● The student will be able to identify Emmanuel’s and other characters’ perspectives in the literary text, Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, by Laurie Ann Thompson. ● The student will be able to demonstrate legible printing skills. ● The student will be able to present their community posters orally using complete sentences, appropriate volume, and clear pronunciation. ● The student will be able to use grade-level academic vocabulary appropriately in speaking and writing.

Date Created



College of Community Innovation and Education


2nd Grade English Language Arts



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