Renewables such as photovoltaics and wind turbines have seen consistent growth in markets across the globe. While renewables increase grid capacity and reduce the use of fossil fuels, their generation rates fluctuate subject to external factors. As the ratio of renewables to nonrenewables increases, so does variability of net load on intermediate and peaking power plants. Power plants with heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) constitute a significant proportion in these categories. There are several interconnected systems within HRSGs, including drum boilers which exhibit interesting transient phenomena known as swell and shrink. Improved understanding, dynamic modeling, and real-time simulation (RTS) of HRSGs is therefore of great interest to operators and control system designers as power plants see greater need to operate transiently. This research focused on two key areas: (1) The creation of a general library of HRSG components intended for RTS and (2) the dynamic modeling of drum boilers including the dynamics of swell and shrink. A library of modular HRSG components was built using Simulink, enabling the creation of HRSGs with plant-specific configuration. Component models were adapted from existing work performed in direct relation to this research. RTS was demonstrated by compiling an LP HRSG model to Siemens SIMATIC S7, which was downloaded onto a S7-1500 PLC through Siemens TIA Portal. The model was connected to—and controlled by—an HRSG controller provided by Siemens Energy. A drum boiler model which simulates swell and shrink was then developed within the HRSG component library for RTS. The boiler model was divided into the major subcomponents of the drum, downcomer, and riser. Steady-state performance showed good agreement with reference data provided by Siemens Energy. Non-minimum phase response of the boiler model was demonstrated, and step responses were qualitatively compared to existing literature on the dynamic modeling of boiler swell and shrink.


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Das, Tuhin


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (M.S.M.E.)


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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering; Mechanical Systems


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August 2022

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