Hyperthermia using electromagnetic energy has been proven to be an effective method in the treatment of cancer. Hyperthermia is a therapeutic procedure in which the temperature in the tumor tissue is raised above 42°C without causing any damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. This method has been shown to increase the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Radio frequencies, microwave frequencies or focused ultrasound can be used to deliver energy to the tumor tissue to attain higher temperatures in the tumor region for hyperthermia application. In this dissertation the use of a near field focused (NFF) microstrip antenna array for the treatment of stage 1 cancer tumors in the breast is proposed. The antenna array was designed to operate at a resonant frequency of 2.45 GHz. A hemispherical two-layer model of breast consisting of fat and glandular tissue layer was considered. The tumor, of the size of a typical stage 1 cancer, was considered at different locations within the breast tissue. The permittivity and conductivity of the breast and tumor tissue were obtained from literature. For a specific location of the tumor, the NFF array is positioned outside the breast in front of the tumor. The radiation from the array is focused onto the tumor and raises the temperature of the tumor. Regardless of the position of the tumor, when placed at the right distance, the array produced a focused spot at the tumor without heating the surrounding healthy tissue. Different placement locations of the antenna array were studied to analyze the depth of the focused radiation region. The antenna array can be placed on a rotating arm allowing it to be moved around the breast based on the tumor location. Results for the power density distribution, specific absorption rate and temperature increase in the tumor and surrounding breast region are presented.


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