State leaders have responded to recruiting and retaining teachers in the workforce with Grow Your Own (GYO) programs for recruiting secondary students or community members into education. An example of a GYO is the precollegiate Teacher Academy (TA) program offered in local high schools as a career and technical education pathway. The TA provides guidance for high school students thinking about the teaching profession. TA educators foster students' interest and recruit and retain them in education by exploring their motivations. This study was a triangulated mixed methods study with the quantitative/qualitative model of utilizing both data sets to determine student motivation and perception in relation to recruitment and retention. The collection of the quantitative data occurred via a Factors Influencing Teaching (FIT-Choice) survey of TA secondary students' perceptions and motivations. Additionally, the study's qualitative research component involved a TA questionnaire on TA recruitment and retention and a TA teacher focus group. The focus group encompasses three TA teachers and a higher education representative working with TA students. The results of this study showed statistical significance in fallback career, intrinsic motivation, and salary as motivation and perceptual subfactors as determined by the FIT-Choice survey. This study's finding through a triangulated analysis shows that recruitment plans for secondary students will need to address social influences, teaching as a fallback career, job security, salary, and the opportunity to work with children/adolescents. Similarly, retention strategies will need to address intrinsic career values, difficulty, shape the future of children/adolescents, prior teaching and learning experiences, and social contributions within the classroom environment for students currently enrolled in a TA program. Thus, the study provides insight into how the role of student motivation and perception and recruitment and retention are necessary for successful outcomes of increasing participation.


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