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This thesis explores the women editors of Indigenous magazines published in the beginning of the twentieth century. This thesis will focus on how Indigenous writers influenced modernism, and how these writings offer ways to explore modernism in different contexts. Specifically looking at the Aboriginal Edition of Poetry magazine (1917), Twin Territories (1899), and Tributes to a Vanishing Race (1916) and the women who were involved in the editing and publication of these texts reveal how modernism was influenced by Indigenous writings. By looking at a comparison between what modernism considered to be Indigenous at the time in Poetry which is edited by and includes poems written by Harriet Monroe, Alice Corbin Henderson, Mary Austin, and Constance Lindsay Skinner, I look at the background and intentions of these non-indigenous women and their deep fascinations with sharing what they considered to be Indigenous poetry with the world in Poetry. Chapter One on Poetry: Aboriginal Edition and investigates some of the problematic issues that arose from these seemingly well- intentioned women, who wanted to share their love of Indigenous writings with a larger audience, but just appropriated and published stereotyped versions of poems they themselves wrote which were "influenced" by Indigenous writings. Chapter Two compares Poetry with books published by Indigenous women with poems written by Indigenous authors as provided by Twin Territories, edited by Ora Eddleman Reed and Tributes to a Vanishing Race, a book of Indigenous poems edited by Irene Campbell Beaulieu and Kathleen Woodward. This highlights the accomplishments of women such as Ora Eddleman Reed, Irene Campbell Beaulieu, and Kathleen Woodward, who published poems and other Indigenous writings written by Indigenous authors for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations across the nation. Twin Territories and Tributes to a Vanishing Race provide examples of Indigenous modernism, as modernism was just beginning to form.

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