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Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast Episode 16: Winter 2013


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For this episode, FHQ Assistant Editor Dr. Daniel Murphree interviewed Dr. Paul Hoffman, Paul W. and Nancy W. Murrill Professor of History at Louisiana State University. Professor Hoffman is the guest editor for this special issue, the first of a series of issues that re-examines the five hundred years of Florida history since the landing of Ponce de Leon in 1513. He is also the author of “The Historiography of Sixteenth-Century La Florida,” which appeared in this issue. This issue addresses the Sixteenth Century, and four more issues will come out yearly to re-examine subsequent centuries.

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Dr. Daniel Murphree


Dr. Daniel Murphree


Dr. Paul Hoffman

Date Created

Winter 2013


16th Century Florida; Historiography; La Florida; Archaeology; Native Americans; Juan Ponce De Leon; Cartography; De Soto; Resource Exploration; Atlantic Economics; St. Augustine; Naming; Citrus; Smallpox; Diseases


Also In This Issue:

500 Years of Florida History— The Sixteenth Century: Introduction

by Connie L. Lester and Daniel S. Murphree

The Historiography of Sixteenth-Century La Florida

by Paul E. Hoffman

The Historical Archaeology of Sixteenth- Century La Florida

by Kathleen A. Deagan

Entangled Borderlands: Europeans and Timucuans in Sixteenth-Century Florida

by Jonathan DeCoster

Sixteenth-Century Florida in the European Imagination

by John McGrath

Length of Episode

29 minutes


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Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast Episode 16: Winter 2013