Quality Of Cuinse2 And Cds Thin Films For Solar Cells

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Ribas, P R F; Moutinho, Helio; Swartzlander, Amy; Asher, S E; Goral, J P; Kazmerski, Lawrence


PV Cells


Stoichiometric p-type, CuInSe2 thin films have been high vacuum deposited on heated substrates, by co-evaporating to completion proportional quantities of Cu and In, in the presence of excess se vapors. It was found that annealed Cu and In-rich layers deposited respectively at 350°C and 400°C are inhomogeneous; and that the films can be made homogeneous by depositing and subsequently annealing the In-rich layer at 420°C for 5.5 min. CdS thin films deposited using the hot wall technique on substrates heated to 190°C, with an air leak total pressures of 5-7x10-6 showed hillock growth and considerable oxygen incorporation.

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PV Cells


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