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Beal, David; Fairey, Philip

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Ducts; Buildings; Energy Efficiency; HVAC


To combat the energy, durability, and indoor air quality penalties of duct leakage, energy experts have recommended putting the duct system and air handler inside the conditioned space. Two paths of accomplishing this have emerged: unvented attics/crawl spaces and interior chases. This study focuses on the design, construction, and performance of the interior chase approach as implemented by five different builders in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.

Researchers found that, in many cases, breeches of the air barrier were evident from simple visual inspection. Critical points of design and construction were identified and will be presented through photos, design and construction guidelines, and drawings suitable for construction documents.

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McIlvaine, J., Beal, D., Fairey, P., "Design and Construction of Interior Duct System", Presented at the Affordable Comfort Conference 2001, April 30 - May 5, 2001, Milwaukee, WI, April 2002, Revised July 2002

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Buildings - Ducts; Buildings - Energy Efficiency; Buildings - HVAC


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