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In the second part Ariadne’s two-part episode, we listen as she explains how she discovered the concept of Ikigai and how she shares it with others through her work with ADHD education and coaching. Ariadne takes us on the journey of starting The Zunzún, her ADHD coaching business. She explains what ADHD is and shares her insights about ADHD diagnosing and support. In this episode, you’ll also hear Ariadne describe how she navigates her work as a university professor, ADHD coach, and study abroad work through the Association of North American University Programs in Spain.

Dr. Ariadne Ferro graduated from UCF in the spring of 1996 with an undergraduate degree in Spanish and a minor in Latin American Studies. She is currently an adjunct professor at IE University in Spain, a certified ADHD coach and a board-certified ADHD educator. She is also an Executive Director of the Association of North American University Programs in Spain.

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