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Shemeca Smith

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Our goal with this project is to foster civil discourse on issues relating to kids and social media, examining both the potential benefits and harms they may experience. We used HB 1: Online Protections for Minors as a starting point, as a relevant example of regulatory measures aimed at safeguarding children online.

Throughout our project, we've learned a lot to deeply understand the various perspectives on this issue. From concerns about the detrimental effects on mental and physical health to considerations of privacy and freedom of speech, we have definitely expanded our own knowledge on the topic while completing this issue guide to be used by others.

Key activities in our project have involved gathering evidence from reputable sources, critically analyzing proposed legislation, and crafting impartial questions to facilitate meaningful discussion. We also outlined three options for addressing the issue, highlighting the potential benefits, trade-offs, and implications of each approach.

Ultimately, our aim is to foster informed dialogue and decision-making by presenting a balanced perspective on this complex issue. We believe that by fostering discussion and debate about this important issue, we will be able to promote positive change in a democratic form.


Social Media; Online Safety; Children; Freedom of Speech; Mental Health; Regulation

Social Media and Kids: An Issue Guide