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My name is Lily Cring, and my co-authors are Olivia Skvarenina, Rachel Blank, Brianna Phillips, and Joshua Carrizales. We would like to extend a big thank you to the University of Central Florida LEAD Scholars Academy for their continued support of our research

Abstract, Summary, or Creative Statement

For our service-learning project for our final semester as part of LEAD Scholars Academy, we dove into deliberative dialogue. In our class, we research 2023 Florida State Bill 52. This bill requires public schools to provide education on the social and emotional impacts of social media, limiting social media usage during schools hours, and limiting cell-phone usage on school property as a whole.

Through this project and the interactions we had in class we learned just how powerful social media is, and the importance of awareness around the negative impacts it can have, especially on youth and teens.


Social Media; Students; SB 52; Media Literacy; LEAD Scholars; Leadership; Media Consumption; Cell-Phone Regulation;

Social Media in Schools