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Dr. Matthew Chin

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We conducted research regarding grammatical accuracy and content accuracy on the perceived credibility of eyewitness testimony. Eyewitness testimony is a crucial part of the legal system, as testimony can be vital in cases where circumstantial evidence is present. We sought to determine the impact that grammar type had on eyewitness testimony credibility perception, as biases against grammar, dialects, or vernaculars can impact the perceived reliability or trustworthiness of eyewitnesses, thus hindering believability. To do so, we administered a digital experiment where participants viewed a mock-crime and answered follow up questions after being assigned to one of four conditions regarding content accuracy and grammar type. Though we found no significant results, we learned a great deal regarding the research process, including design, distribution, and data analysis.


eyewitness testimony; grammar; content accuracy; bias; credibility

Effect of Grammatical Accuracy and Content Accuracy on Eyewitness Message Credibility