Communication between America's first couple : how the first ladies have shaped the world through pillow talk


Although the house that sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC has had numerous books written about it and its occupants, the President of the United States and the First Lady, there is very little research to be found on the marriage of the two individuals who reside in the White House and, together, sit at the pinnacle of political power. Many argue the Vice-President is second-in-command, but when you think about it, spouses confess and mull over ideas with one another and may never speak to anyone else about those ideas in such an intimate setting. The marriage created by the interpersonal communication between the President and his wife can expose many elements to decision-making, the level of the First Lady's influence over her husband, and the level of respect each has for the sacredness of the traditional institution of marriage. Miss Hayes has researched the marriages and lives of five First Couples (John and Abigail Adams, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and George W. and Laura Bush) and the marital and family communication styles between the two spouses within the marriage. Those two individuals who occupy the residency of the White House are America's First Couple and the marriage the two create before their arrival in the nation's capital is a crucial element that should play a part in every American's decision before casting his or her vote for the presidency.


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