Bastard offspring : heavy metal, hardcore punk, and metalcore


This thesis is an ethnomusicological cross-cultural examination of Heavy Metal, Hardcore Punk and Metalcore music-cultures and how the transculturation of two distinct music-cultures, Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk, have resulted in a third unique music-culture: Metalcore. Attention is given to the evolution of the music-cultures through history, with mention of current trends not covered in any other literature. In addition explanations of key tenets of culture-ways and their importance in forming these cultures as separate and distinct will be included. Topics addressed will include headbanging, the sign of the horns and moshing in Heavy Metal; slam-dancing, Straight Edge, and the do-it-yourself principles of Hardcore Punk; the commercial commoditization and establishment of Metalcore as separate and unique from both Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk. In addition, a brief assessment of material culture will be included, covering the importance of musical instruments, art, and fashion. Fashion is especially important in forming ties with respective communities, personal interest groups, and establishing personal identity within the music-cultures. Both secondary source, as well as qualitative research will be used. While much of the history and culture-ways of Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk have been well documented throughout the 1970s there is a lack of literature concerning either culture since the 1990s and 2000s. With the exception of only a few sources, there is little material addressing Metalcore, or Crossover Thrash music-culture. As a participant within Heavy Metal culture I will offer my own personal observations, as well as those of informants, to extend and support the documentary research findings.


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