During the times we live in, writing has become a very important skill for all young students and adults to have. Whether they are taking a standardized test or putting together a resume, basic writing skills are necessary. In this thesis, I will attempt to prove that teaching the six traits of writing with the use of mentor texts is a great, creative way to help students learn the writing process. I will also explore how to align the concept of the six traits of writing with the new Common Core State Standards. This topic is very important when it comes to education. Huge emphasis is placed on the skill of being able to write, and our students are expected to be proficient in this process. Through writing students can communicate emotions, ideas, and knowledge they have pertaining to different subject areas. As a whole, the writing process can become daunting for young students. By using the six traits of writing through mentor texts, students can learn chunk by chunk and eventually master the skill of writing. Experts in writing decided that breaking different skills into manageable components might prove helpful to authors of all ages and skill levels (Culham, 2008). The second component to be addressed is aligning the six traits concept with the Common Core State Standards. All across the nation, states have adopted these new standards and school communities are trying to figure out how to make the switch. By aligning the Common Core State Standards with the six traits of writing, teachers will be able to eliminate this process for the writing portion of the standards. For my own research, I have chosen to create and modify minilessons for each of the six traits of writing with use of mentor texts. Common Core State Standards will be aligned with these minilessons for educators to use as they see fit.


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