The sustainable communities project and its effect on urban development in the city of Orlando


This is a story cycle about three men, each of whom has reached a point in his life when action is key. In "The Warrior King," Abe Tolley, a Princeton alumnus and aging food administrator at an exclusive Boston retirement home, struggles over whether to fire a young employee named Curtis Nichols. In reaching his decision, he learns that he has never been the man of action he has always fancied. John Nichols is Curtis' older brother, a successful Wall Street market analyst who once pondered the priesthood as a career choice. In "The Prophet," a series of global events causes him to believe that Armageddon is upon the world, and he suffers a near breakdown on the job. He journeys back home to Boston in search of safety and comfort, but finds only more chaos. Curtis, a young man still trying to find his place in the world, is present in all three stories, but "The Philosopher" is truly his own. In the face of criticism from all sides for his inability to keep a job and his lack of desire to further educate himself, he balks and does nothing. He turns instead to hedonism to escape the reality of his world and the possibility that, just maybe, his older brother is right and Armageddon has arrived.


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