Over the last few decades our society has moved towards restricting where sexual offenders can live, work, and overall congregate. This issue has been the focus of great public attention due to the media's role in bringing these offenders to the light. Whether it is through the news, movies, TV series, books, talk shows, newspapers articles, etc., these offenders are constantly being talked about. Every body of government in the United States has moved towards implementing restrictions that are aimed at keeping sex offenders away from places where they are considered a potential danger. However, what it is not talked about is that in efforts to limit where sex offenders can live and work to ensure the safety of our society; we are isolating these offenders and hindering their reintegration into our society. By isolating sexual offenders from our society we are doing more harm than good because we are discriminating and not working to fit the needs of each individual offender. One size does not fit all. The intent of this thesis is to explore sexual offender legal restrictions, treatment, case law, constitutionality of these laws and to compare Florida's approach towards restriction of sexual offenders with other states. Through the analysis of case law and statutes, recidivism rates, and treatment options this thesis will evaluate what different approaches should be taken towards aiding the reintegration of sexual offenders into our society. This thesis will provide background information on sexual offenders, compare legal restrictions among states, give an analysis of sexual offender websites, and provide recommendations to a better approach in treating sexual offenders. By raising awareness to the unfairness of treatment of sexual offenders, this thesis aims to open a new gateway to determine more successful ways to rehabilitate sexual offenders.


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