Euthanasia as Assisted Suicide: Good or Bad: The High Court Speaks


Euthanasia, known in its active form as assisted suicide, is rapidly becoming one of the most heatedly debated moral, ethical, social, and legal issues to face the American public in some time. Because of its complexity, there are many arguments for and against euthanasia, and until all aspects of this highly controversial topic are explored and understood, this practice will continue to cause misunderstanding and suffering for those who both oppose and support it. It seems as if everyone has an opinion about euthanasia even though it affects a minute percentage of the U.S. population directly. All of us deal with death in one form or another, should it be the death of a loved one, friend, pet, or of one's own impending demise. Death as a reality is not remotely controversial as with the aspects of murder and suicide. Euthanasia touch on both areas. Is euthanasia just another term for murder, and a politically excusable one at that, or is euthanasia a way to assist the terminally ill out of their cocoon of pain?


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