My Perfect Little Doll tells the story of a fourteen year old girl, Jenny, who lives with her adopted parents and has a fascination with dolls. Her father is a troubled man who suffers from violent mood swings due to a work-related injury. He blames the world for his ailments. Jobless and home-stricken, Jenny's father is a frustrated individual who has built up anger and resentment over the years. Without proper medication, his problem becomes severe. His mood swings lead to abusive behavior toward shy Jenny, who constantly blames herself for her father's abusive ways.

Through a flashback, we learn of the special relationship that Jenny has with Laura, a classmate. Laura feels a duty to help the powerless, which leads her into a friendship with Jenny. Eventually, Jenny invites Laura to her house to seek comfort during times of chaos. Upon arrival, Laura sees one of Jenny's father's violent mood swings and his ability to slip into abusive behavior. Eventually, Laura witnesses Jenny's father's physical abuse on Jenny and tries to convince her to leave. However, Jenny is torn between the love for her father who can be a loving, gentle man, and her own need for safety.

This story weaves its tale with a mixture of pathos and hope. Based on a true story, this film draws from the multileveled emotions that the situation contains. The drama is framed in reality, where even the monsters have hearts.

We learn that it is the victim as much as the perpetrator who denies the problem. But what will the victim do when offered a chance to escape...?

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