The unification of Africa: a goal or a dream?


African unity has been advocated for many decades among numerous African leaders, Pan-Africanists, and scholars. The innate pride of being African is at the center of the movement of continental integration into one political and economic unit. This continental unification translates into to a peaceful relationship among the various African states, and a healthy African economic cooperation. As a result, the unification of Africa can be measured in relation to intra-state peace and common economic goals and activities. However, poverty, corruption, tribalism, and political violence have presented. great hurdles to developing the theories of unification into practical policies. What has the Organization of African Unity (OAU), achieved in terms of African unity? Which region has proven to be the most promising in terms of integrating? Which country could be used as an example to be followed by leaders aspiring the unification of Africa? How does leadership affect the process of unification? The purpose of this study is to provide practical answers to these questions to present a clear image of this plagued continent's present state. Thorough looks at the OAU, West Africa as a sub-region, Ghana as an example of a state level of analysis, and African leadership are presented. These are used to formulate prophecies on Africa's future, and whether the thoughts of integration of the various African states are realistic at this point in time.


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