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Caspian Christoph is a drunken failure as an explorer. After an extensive night of hard drinking on a colony planet of Venus he finds a map that describes a direct route to the valuable trade planet of Paladee. The direct route would allow for flights to be four times shorter thus enabling quicker exportations from the planet. Initially, he is reject from his first two chosen sponsors, Venus (his home planet) and Earth, but Mars agrees to fund his exploration. His first map’s course is perfect, but there is one problem, the planet they landed on is not Paladee. When they first arrive on the new planet Caspian and his supporters, Marius, his best friend, Hoslet, his navigator and former lover and Roddick, a Martian Imperial Commander who once served under Caspian’s father, discover a species no Solarians (humans) have ever met. The aliens are a genderless race led by a giver named Vivron. One their first encounter Vivron and Caspian initiate a trade of mutual benefit to each’s race. Soon Caspian and the "Paladians" begin to harvest a relationship of mutual benefit, but there is one unfortunate side-effect, with them the Solarians have also brought disease, one that destroys the lives of many of the Paladians. On a trip back home Caspian sees a vision of his father who chides him for the life he is living. Self-realization kicks in and Caspian quits his drinking in an attempt to better his life and his family's name. Sent on their second journey to the planet, Pala-2, Caspian blames the mysterious disappearance of Marius on Vivron and leads a team of Martian Dash Troopers who overrun the Paladians and force them into slavery. The diseases coupled with the slave labor they must work destroys the lives of many of the Paladians. Soon, however the other planets, Venus and Earth want a piece of the exportation minerals from Pala-2 and they mount joint space attack on the Martian defenses protecting the planet. In the battle that ensues in space, on land and back in the Solarian system allegiances are fostered, bonds are broken, and lives are lost. Caspian attempts to rekindle his relationship with Hoslet only to have her turn on him for the betterment of Earth. Roddick saves Caspian’s life, something he could not do for Caspian’s father many years ago. But, the most painful incident comes at the end when Caspian and Roddick discover a crashed ship that landed on the hiding place of the Paladians, killing many of those who had survived the disease in the process. The realization of the destruction his discovery has caused forces Caspian’s character to come full circle and once again he takes up drinking as a dilute the painful heartaches in his life.


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