Miracles or myth : the royal Raymond Rife story


This creative work in the form of a television script is based on a story that is supported by alternative medicine advocates in the United States, Canada, and Europe (including the United Kingdom). It is this supporters contention, and the premise of the story, that in the late 1800s germ theory was given primacy over other theories that held merit, and that germ theory is only part of the equation as to why disease occurs. The rest of the formula is based on genetic structure that, on a microscopic level, changes form in a deficient host environment, thereby becoming susceptible to bacteria from the environment. It is also recognized that the purporters of germ theory have over time created a multi-billion dollar industry of pharmaceuticals used to do battle with these microorganisms. Royal Raymond Rife, inventor and scientist of the 1930s, became embroiled in the controversy during that early empire-building period. By using the burgeoning technology of electronics, Rife (as many others before and after), was able to view the polymorphisms that occurred on the sub-cellular level. Once seen, the entities could be manipulated cultured or grown -- reconstituted in lab animals, and then destroyed. The disease focused on in this work is cancer. To date, research has determined that 15 to 20 percent of all cancers are caused by infections. Microbes were found inside the cells of humans who have a number of other diseases. Whether the organisms contribute to the creation of the diseases or take advantage of a weakened system is still highly controversial. The fact that the debate goes on, now into the 21st century, is of interest in that it lends viability to the concepts put forth in the teleplay.


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