Ted Bundy : portrait of a madman


One of the most heinous crimes committed is that of the serial killer. What causes a person to become a serial killer has created great speculation between sociologists and psychologists. What is known is that serial murder has. become a phenomenon I only the last thirty years. Although heinous in nature, the serial killer is generally not considered psychotic. They are generally intelligent and well spoken. Surprisingly, most serial killers are actually shy. Serial killers actually strip a potential victim of all ''human" characteristics. To the serial killer, the potential victim is nothing more than an object, existing only for himself to use and abuse for his own entertainment. He sees his victims as objects worthy of extreme contempt and vicious abuse. In the mind of a serial killer, nothing is more worthless than the nameless and faceless stranger for whom he sets out to hunt. The serial killer mentally transforms his victims into hateful creatures, therefore justifying his vicious deeds. This outlook does not happen spontaneously or overnight. It is a slow progression that happens over time, usually starting early in life. Theodore Robert Bundy or Ted Bundy was one of the most famous and prolific serial killers ever known. This thesis intends to show the slow progression of his life and the events, that this author concludes, led him to become a serial killer. For Ted Bundy, there was one earth shattering event that splintered his perception of morality and moved him to punish young girls to attain self-gratification. We will explore the life and times of Ted Bundy and conclude as to what and how he turned into a serial killer.


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