Western blot analysis of the reactivity of bahia pollen proteins to monoclonal antibodies made to Timothy grass group allergens


ABSTRACT Approximately 70% of patients with type I allergy in America, Europe, and Australia display lgE reactivity to grass pollen allergens. Timothy grass pollen is one of the most common in Europe. Bahia grass pollen is one of the more important grass aeroallergens in the Southeastern United States and is especially prevalent in the Gulf coast states. Cross­ reactivity between the proteins of these two grass pollens has not previously been demonstrated. A 32 kDa protein allergen ofbahia has, however, now been shown to share 63% homology with a Group I timothy grass pollen allergen. The purpose of the study reported here is to further evaluate bahia pollen proteins for their cross-reactivity with timothy using a series of monoclonal antibodies produced to Group I, V, and XIII timothy grass allergens. Protein extracts ofbahia grass pollen, timothy grass pollen, and a tree pollen control were evaluated for their ability to bind to IG 12, a monoclonal antibody directed against Group I timothy allergens, and a series of monoclonal antibodies directed against Group XIII timothy allergens, using Western blotting. The group I monoclonal reacted, not only with the timothy crude extract pollens, but also to a number of proteins in the crude extract and partially purified extracts ofbahia. The group XIII monoclonals reacted with a 55kDa protein of timothy and a protein ofbahia of similar molecular weight. The amino acid sequence similarity and the ability ofbahia proteins to react with monoclonal antibodies directed against timothy Group I and XIII allergens suggest that these two grass pollens share common epitopes and are cross reactive.


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