Transition from Craftsperson to Career and Technical Education Teacher: A Qualitative Study of Prior Mentoring Experiences


The question arises pertaining to the reasons behind the choice of making a career change into teaching. Men and women that have been working at their jobs in industry and business for years, quite efficient at the job that they do, make the life-changing, difficult choice to become teachers. The purpose of this study was to determine the nature of their previous mentoring experiences behind such conscious choices.

In quantitative research, the researcher states a hypothesis early in the beginning chapters, laying the foundation for the results to be revealed in the ending chapters. However, in qualitative research there is no room for the researcher to show cause and effect, to prove or disprove a hypothesis. What the researcher does instead is he or she acts as the research instrument. This means that there is no third party or instrument between the researcher, the data or the assertion.

The identification of these mentoring experiences, including actions, comments and examples demonstrate what a mentoring teacher does, says or exemplifies that shapes their students' decision to become teachers, whether directly into that degree or as a career transition later in life. Within the qualities, teaching methods and values discussed, overall they were positive. ·This common theme is what students should be advised before entering the teaching profession. The power of a positive experience for the student is what new teachers should learn and practice based on these responses. The general skills/teaching methods and values that a teacher demonstrates is what set them apart from other teachers as a "great teacher" and most importantly, a mentor.


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