Designing a Standards-based, Eclectic, Elaborated, and Synergistic Yearlong Theme Cycle


In Florida, we often read or hear on the news about the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and how it is negatively affecting our students, parents and schools. The number of standards, benchmarks, and grade level expectations teachers are required to teach students to prepare them for taking the FCA T often seems unmanageable and overwhelming. Additionally, traditional methods of teaching are oftentimes at odds with current research on brain-based learning, multiple intelligences, literature-based instruction, and integrated and thematic curriculum planning.

Is there a way to combine all the best teaching practices from current research into one basic, cohesive model of teaching that not only fulfills the requirements of the Florida Sunshine State Standards and prepares students for the FCA T, but is also a workable product that can be implemented in the real world of teaching? This project creates one such teaching model referred to as a Standards-based, Eclectic, Elaborated, and Synergistic Yearlong Theme Cycle (SEES Cycle). In addition to the prototype SEES Cycle and its accompanying yearlong science roadmap, this project also introduces SEES Cycle teaching menus which are designed to provide teachers with a valuable resource in long-range planning and for daily, "subject integration" lesson planning. Exclusive to this project is the Multiple Intelligences Teaching Menu which links specific Florida Sunshine State Standards to certain multiple intelligences activities. Furthermore, this project presents the research substantiation that could move the SEES Cycle teaching model, science roadmap, and accompanying teaching menus from a theoretical framework to one of practical application.


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