Back on the Agenda: The Establishment of International Criminal Court


Throughout the course of history this world has seen the most heinous of crimes committed by individuals against other human beings. However, it was not until recently that countries of the world were able to join together and establish a permanent legal institution capable of trying these individuals at an international level. In 1998, with the creation of the Rome Statute the international community was able to accomplish what it had failed to do over the previous fifty years, create an International Criminal Court. In examining the background behind this event the question that is raised by this study is, what variables allowed for the successful establishment of an international criminal court in the 1990s that had been missing from previous attempts? To attain a complete answer to this question, this study will take two necessary courses of action. First, a comparison will be drawn between the successful creation of the ICC in the Post-Cold War period and the unsuccessful attempt to establish an ICC after World War II. Second, this research project will carry out a comparative analysis considering three different variables and the role they played in each case. The three different variables that will be analyzed are the international power structure, the influence of NGOs, and the spillover effect of international tribunals. By conducting an analysis in this manner, this study will attempt to determine which variables played the crucial roles in the creation of the ICC.


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