The Combined Effects of HIV/AIDS and Structural Adjustment Programs on Ugandan Underdevelopment


Regardless of gains in the second half of the 1990s, sub-Saharan African countries enter the 21 st century facing mounting challenges such as widespread poverty, rapid population growth, and the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS. It is now over three decades since the majority of sub-Saharan countries achieved their independence; yet most of these states have not been able to enjoy the benefits of globalization so far. This thesis is concerned with the problem of achieving sustained economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Uganda. Specifically, this thesis focuses on the combined effects of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) and HIV/ AIDS on economic underdevelopment in Uganda. Although commonly considered an issue of health care systems, AIDS is equally an issue of economic development. In sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS has brought about vast human suffering over the past two decades - hindering development and causing life expectancy to plummet. Uganda, one of the first countries in sub-Saharan Africa to be subjected to the destructive impact of HIV/AIDS and to take the plunge to manage the epidemic, is one of the exceptional success stories in a region that has been overwhelmed by the HIV/ AIDS epidemic. Even as the rate of new infections continues to multiply in most sub-Saharan African countries, Uganda has been successful in reducing what were once soaring infection rates. As a result, Uganda represents an excellent case study of how a society can and should apply a measure of control against an infectious, fatal disease such as HIV/ AIDS, regardless of restrained access to modem pharmaceutical drugs and inadequate financial resources.


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