Literacy Activities that Parents of Preschool Children Attending Day Care Promote at Home and Community Settings


Family literacy encompasses the way family members use literacy at home and in their community. This study reports early literacy activities these families do that are connected to the activities they carry out in their every day events. Reading aloud, print awareness, and how reading environmental print relates to young children between the ages of birth to preschool are some of the activities discussed in this study. Other topics such as the time of day parents read to their children and what kind of educational toys or materials their children prefer to use in relation to literacy are also incorporated. A survey instrument was given to parents and is included in Appendix A. The findings reported include the percentages of factors the surveyed parents chose as important to them in regards to early literacy activities and future success in school. Promoting literacy activities at home and in the community is an important role for parents who have children in day care. The purpose of this study was to determine what parents with children in day care do with their preschool children to support literacy development. The research question was How do parents of preschool children attending day care promote literacy activities at home? Seventy-five families that have their children in four different day care centers, participated in this study. The survey instrument used in this study revealed which activities that support literacy are most important to parents that have their children in local day care centers. Of the seventy-five families surveyed, twenty nine families have children that attend day care centers run by the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) organization. These child development centers serve all children, especially children that have a variety of disabilities. Another forty-six families have children that attend different day care centers in the Apopka area.


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