Azerbaijan: Oil-Rich Yet War-Torn


Prior to my visit to Azerbaijan I had never heard of the country or its conflict. Its existence has been recorded as early as Paleolithic times yet still today very little is known of the country that is rich in history and nationalistic pride. The country has been riddled with territorial wars that even continue today over the region called Nagomo-Karabakh. Azerbaijan's assets and plentiful resources provide the country with political and economic status on a global scale, yet it continues to be overshadowed by its failing foreign policy with Armenia. It is not until the nature of Azerbaijan's foreign policy is restructured, especially in regards to Nagomo-Karabakh, will the nation ever receive the attention and acknowledgement it deserves. It is to be acknowledged that the country has been making strides to globalize its society and emerge as a viable independent country in the twenty-first century. There has been collaboration with other countries both near and far from its borders to provide investments in the country's petroleum production as well as financial assistance for the country as a whole. There is much more work needed to be done in order to classify Azerbaijan as a successful former territory of the Soviet Union. Due to the growing needs for petroleum and natural gas throughout the world Azerbaijan has the potential to equate itself with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It is hopeful that by managing its oil wealth and outlining domestic and foreign policies so that they are favorable to the country’s existence can Azerbaijan overcome being oil-rich and war-tom.


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