International Aid, Domestic Conflict, and Sudan's Crisis: A Qualitative Study of Sudan's Conflict


Recently, the international community has turned its eyes to Africa and the tumultuous situation present there. Sudan presents a case study that exemplifies grievous consequences of international neglect and of domestic regime abuse. As a geographically large country rich in natural resources and with prime location, Sudan has drawn international attention with its civil war raging between mainly the North and South. The conflict has numerous roots ranging from political to economic to ethnic. The Darfur genocide showed the culminating consequences of the conflict. Hence, Sudan has bcome a prime candidate for international aid from outside nation-states such as the United States, from private humanitarian organizations, and from international organizations such as the United Nations. However, outside aid has created mixed results in terms of improving Sudan's situation.

This study examines the effects of humanitarian aid on the ensuing conflict in Sudan alongside the factors of famine, slavery, and economic variables. While numerous attempts from aid organizations have endeavored to foster peace and improve the overall quality of life for the Sudanese, most have fallen short of their goals due to domestic issues. Peace talks during the conflict continue to falter, and even resolutions demanding peace in the Sudan region have come to a deadlock in the United Nations. Meanwhile, the Sudan people continue to suffer inhumane conditions. This research studies the effectiveness of international influences. It also scrutinizes whether or not aid in Sudan will be able to produce a long-lasting, positive impact on the region with the current regime in power.


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