E-merging Technology for the E-merging Classroom: A Review of E-Merging Technologies for the Elementary Classroom in the United States


Today's classroom is evolving on a myriad of levels. As class size increases, learning space decreases and diversity extremes are introduced, yet educators must use materials that address all types oflearners. The specific needs of students as well as the varied skills required for mastery on state standardized tests require educators, children and parents to look towards technology for answers. This study attempts to contribute a view of new educationally based e-merging technology being presented for use in the elementary education classroom.

This study also looks at the Section 508 Compliance and its role in utilizing technology to make information available for all. The Section 508 Compliance relates to all government funded materials and their ability to be accessed and utilized by the public. With the United States increasingly diverse population and implementation of inclusion in classrooms, we have a noteworthy amount of students and educators who could benefit from this technology. Specifically, this study examines how diverse classrooms and students' individual needs are to be met with technology and that this technology will be employed with the Section 508 Compliance.

As a nation we need to better prepare our future generations with a sturdy foundation of skills and tools to allow our students to excel in the learning and working environment. By showcasing the needs of children, the laws enacted, and the technology resources to educate, this thesis provides the reader with a global perspective on integrating technology and instruction for all students. Enforcing the Section 508 Compliance so that e-businesses must comply with technology-based innovations that will allow educators the resources to benefit all learners.


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