Interactive E-learning and Problem for Electrical Circuits


The success of U.S. engineering education has long been recognized as the driving force of the economy of the nation. There are over 300 engineering schools in the nation which are open to qualified students from all over the world. Most of the engineering schools provide an education that is highly analytical and theoretical in nature. Despite these strengths, there are areas where engineering education must improve in order to serve the needs of the students and improve their ability and willingness to learn. Many factors influence the student's decision to remain in or leave a particular field of study or to pursue a higher education at all. One of the major factors is the traditional pedagogy used for engineering education, which has remained relatively unchanged for several decades, despite the rapid changes in technology.

In particular, the department of electrical engineering and computer sciences at the University of Central Florida had elected lectures and laboratories as the traditional way of delivering education to its students. These two methods are efficient, yet neither can be easily scaled to teach large numbers of students with different learning paces. The need of an extra tool for education had been apparent. Therefore, new models for delivery of education should be explored by the university. Interactive web based learning is one of the models I find very efficient in helping electrical engineering students along their challenging journey.


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