Wakeboards : correlation of cognitive and analytical data on fins


This thesis provides information about the effects that different fins have on a wakeboard and how it affects riders of all skill levels. The research is intended to show whether there is a correlation between the "feeling" that a rider perceives by performing a certain maneuver, and the results encountered on a complete laminar flow analysis. In addition, a discussion of available theories of how fins perform their objective will be presented. While it is possible for a rider to learn the different advantages and disadvantages of each fin size, material, and design by trying each configuration, such an approach is expensive and not practical. By analyzing and reporting how factors such as velocity, drag, pressure, and geometry, riders can have a better understanding of what kind of fin(s) they should consider when purchasing one. In addition this thesis provides qualitative results that show how each fin differs depending on its characteristics and material. Results are based on experimental trial of different types of fin by a set number of riders. At the end of this discussion the reader should have an understanding that the overall ranking of the fins based on FLUENT data is similar to that from the cognitive statistics. Therefore, on the basis of all the assumptions taken in this thesis and the results obtained, it is possible to predict a fin's performance based on the values that a software package like FLUENT will provide.


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