Ann's Loves


Ann's Loves is a script for a feature-length film incorporating the ideas and theories of French New Wave directors and postmodern literature to reveal insights about the romance in the protagonist's life. The plot and structure of the film is based on the different interactions Ann has leading to her experience of love and intimacy with other characters, places, and art. Ann's loves are also in conflict with the ideas of love promoted to her, including the pressure to get married. While evaluating many kinds of love, Ann struggles to discover her ideal love(s). Ann's loves are expressed in different film tracks, allowing a consistent linear narrative throughout the film, but also producing non-narrative moments where only sound and text or images are displayed. Yet all features of the film represent Ann's loves and the loves of those that influence Ann. Many of the scenes are meant to capture Ann's inner life and her views of love and romance, paralleling key themes and structures in A Lover's Discourse by Roland Barthes. Like Barthes, Ann produces her own understanding for words that describe her "scenes of love." The film explores Ann's feelings while confronting her conception of the intimacies she has; in this way it is similar to the films of French New Wave director Eric Rohmer, whose films revolve around his characters' analysis of their relationships. However, unlike Rohmer's films, this work "separates the elements" of the film and interrupts the main narrative of Ann's exploration of love and relationships. This interruption and separation of elements allows for expository and poetic approaches that are normally suppressed in narrative films. The film acknowledges the instability of the idea of love, proves how much love is constructed by society, culture, and family, and provides opportunities to make choices about love and relationships that we may overlook.


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