Personal personnel : the effects on teachers and administrators of a failing school due to high-stakes testing


This research analyzes the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and the Florida A+ Plan, in an attempt to understand how people personally responded to the changes that occurred in a school setting as a result of the mandates of standardized testing. The focus will be on the reactions of the administration and the changes the administrative body of a high school was forced to make, and focus will be placed on teachers in regards to teacher focus, instruction, and their view of student perceptions of the testing, before during and after the test is administered. The focus of this research is Roberts High School, an inner-city high school that went from a failing school, with an "F" status for five consecutive years to that of a school with a "D" status-missing the "C" status by a mere five points. This dramatic change happened after the state of Florida took control of the operations of the school, as dictated by state mandates, due to the failing performance of the previous five years. This research is conducted in an attempt to understand what caused the significant gains as cited by the results of the testing, how teachers and administrators responded to and implemented these changes, and to see if the controversial standardized testing that is taking over the nation's schools is meeting the aim of No Child Left Behind-to close the achievement gap.


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