A look at the international manned space programs and the potential for cooperation


The main objective of this research paper is to provide a comparative analy i of the manned space programs of the great space powers; Russia, the United States and China, those nations that have successfully launched human beings into orbit and brought them back to Earth. As space operations have become more complex and costly, these nations have sought expanded cooperation with each other and the minor space powers of the European Union, Japan, and India; nations that can conduct umnaimed launches. Current manned space efforts are heavily invested in areas where cooperation is a key concern. The International Space Station program consists of seven international partners, and there is a renewed push to send unmanned probes to the moo~ in preparation for future sustained manned missions, with Japan and China having already placed probes in lunar orbit and the United States, Russia, and India following in the near future. Cooperation in space endeavors, much like in any area of international policy, has its own benefits and challenges that are unique to each participant and this comparative analysis will present the view of these benefits and challenges from the perspective of each of the great space powers.

This research then evaluates each of the great space powers in terms of its potential for successful international cooperation. A country tends to view its manned space program either from a political perspective, stressing national security and international prestige; or from an economic perspective, stressing industry growth and profit generation. It is believed that a country with the economic view of its program is more open to international cooperation, whereas a country with the political view will be less inclined to work with partners.


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