A study of historical dance forms and their relation to musical theatre choreography


To see a theatrical show onstage is a nightly thrill for thousands of audience members worldwide. Unfortunately many of these audience members do not know or understand the journey a show. the cast; and crew take from the first concept to the final curtain call. The journey of a show, ·brand new or a revival, is unique to each production but the desired goal is a shared one - reaching the hearts and minds of its audience members. Having only seen the growth and progress of a production as a cast member, I had no idea of the lessons to be learned· working on the production team. As a research component of this thesis, I served as part of the creative team to mount a fully staged musical. In doing so, I gained a greater understanding and appreciation for my art form and the creative process as a whole. My thesis consists of researching famous choreographers of the American Musical Theatre and their significant advances that shaped the nature of dance on the Broadway stage. In an effort to fully understand the process of staging a musical I also served as Assistant Choreographer for the Fall 2007 University of Central Florida Conservatory Theater's Main Stage Production of The Most Happy Fella. As Assistant Choreographer. I learned how to construct and realize a concept of choreography that enhances the plot and score of the piece. These lessons will guide me in defining my own choreographic and directorial style as I progress into the world post graduation


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