The evolution of tales in Europe and George Sand's work throughout the K-12 curriculum


The purpose of this thesis is to examine the evolution of tales in Europe, particularly in France, from the late l 7lli through the l 9lli century, specifically George Sand's work, in an effort to research instructional applications for cross-curricular foreign language instruction. Institutional fairy tales originated in Italy. The creation of a new genre of literature inspired many writers in Europe to imitate the Neapolitan and Venetian fairy tales of Gianbattista Basile as well as Giovan Francesco Straparola. In the late 17TH and 18TH centuries, in France, the first fairy tales were published, which have remained well known up to the 2I st century. In the 18TH century, Mme Leprince de Beaumont institutionalized fairy tales for children by omitting irony and unnecessary variants in her stories for children. In the 19th century, the Grimm Brothers adapted French and Italian fairy tales to their own language for a young German audience. Most French tales were also translated into English. From the 17TH to 19th centuries, fairy tales permitted women to reach a certain degree of freedom intellectually by expressing social and political concerns depicting their discarded society in the stories. Since fairy tales were not to be believed and not to be taken seriously, women could express themselves freely without been reprimanded, George Sand, a 19th century French author, contributed to the French Romantic period as well as to social and political sectors with her work. At the end of her life, George Sand wrote Tales of a Grandmother dedicated to her grandchildren. Ten out of thirteen stories are analyzed in this thesis in terms of characters, themes, and moral lessons. In Chapter Four, a curriculum is created based on the ten analyzed tales of Sand's Tales of a Grandmother. The curriculum addresses essential questions and activities to be taught in a French curriculum as well as cross-curricular. Chapter Five expands on the cross-curricular guidelines by providing activities based on Tales of a Grandmothers. In addition, a complete lesson plan on the "The Castle of Pictordu" tale is added in Appendix A. This lesson can be taught not only in French but in an interdisciplinary curriculum.


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