Using personality theory in the construction of an original play


The nature of humans and human interaction has always fascinated me, and due to the extreme complexity of our constantly changing and evolving society, never before has there been such a dire need to understand ourselves and to realize the consequences of our actions on a universal scale; never before has society been so at war and in love with mind-games, which are both disgusting and beautiful at the same time; people have come to depend on the very thing they despise the most. These are themes I am trying to explore in my original play, After Butter.

For my Honors in the Major Thesis, I researched and explored the craft of playwriting in an effort to improve my original play, After Butter. As a writer, I wanted to have the experience of creating an original work from concept to public performance. I wanted to do this project because no classes in the theatrical playwriting discipline are offered in my major.

My play is a realistic, comedic, modem-day adaptation of our own world. I explore themes such as: the awakening of the consciousness; the interconnectedness of man and nature; genuine strength conquers all; the Axiom of Causality; redemption; the right thing isn't always the easiest; truth never dies; materialism; and, finally, the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, which represents an action's consequences. Outside the university setting, I would like to have my play performed by professional theatre companies in an effort to get audiences to connect with the characters and situations so the play becomes important to them on a personal level, therefore priming the play for a future on the big screen.


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