An analysis of the graphic novel adaptation of the Iliad by Homer for use in the secondary classroom


Mythology is an integral part of literature and an important cornerstone in a student's education. However, mythology itself is an extremely broad topic that encompasses the myths of a number of cultures. In the Language Arts classroom, students are introduced to Greek mythology in middle school; in the state of Florida as early as sixth grade per the Sunshine State Standards. However, students might find difficulty connecting to Greek literature difficult due to issues of: voice, prose and an inability to see the relevance behind the study of Greek mythology. In addition, the immensity of Greek mythology makes it difficult to select what pieces to teach and what to omit, but as Roy Thomas, the author of this version of the Marvel Comic's adaptation states "[e]very generation should have its own translation of The Iliad, one that speaks to it in its own special way'' (p. iii). The purpose of this study is to conduct a content analysis of a graphic novel version of The Iliad by Homer, with the intent of identifying the benefits of using alternative versions of classic literature within the Language Arts or Reading classroom, specifically the graphic novel. In hopes of demystifying the negative stigma with which comics, and graphic novels by extension, this thesis will study the attributed of this graphic novel and ultimately provide educators insight into a medium that has the potential to engage students in a multiple modes.


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