Examining at-home reading programs : the current state of at-home reading programs in Central Florida elementary schools


Teachers and students spend countless hours in the classroom focused on the task of learning how to read. However, successful readers do not simply know how to read, they practice reading regularly. With limited time in the classroom, it is essential that students extend their reading practice outside of school. In regards to students' reading, two things are certain. First, students must become effective independent readers in order to experience success in school. Second, students must practice reading regularly in order to become successful independent readers. These two ideas arc correlational; in order to become effective independent readers, students must first practice reading. The necessity for successful independent reading is clear, as academic achievement relies on the premise that students are able to read and comprehend independently. However, the means by which to achieve this end have been surprisingly under researched. This study examines at-home reading programs being utilized in elementary schools in six Central Florida school districts. We cannot change or begin to improve what we don't know. This study was designed to examine the current practices related to at-home reading programs. My hope is that this study will provide valuable insight into the successful elements and challenges posed by at-home reading programs currently being employed in some Central Florida elementary schools.


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