Marketing trends in home health care : the four aspects that affect sales


The marketing of home heal_th care services is unique in its considerable variance in successes across geographic regions in the United States. Through surveys to home health companies, this study investigates four key factors believed to contribute to the success of home health care companies: marketing techniques, variation in technology, demand for services, and effects of regulations. Many factors. determine success, but it is important to determine the significance of regional differences as a factor in that success.

Based on the importance of location selection, it is believed that results will show that location and marketing differences play a significant part in the success of a company (Spaeder 2005). It is indicated by the marketing concept that "firms should analyze the needs of their customers and then make decisions to satisfy those needs," (Weitz 1985); This indicates that areas with more companies can actually be more successful because they were forced to develop better marketing practices and plans due to the density of companies in the region.

The potential impact of this research upon the home health industry is considerable. Little substantial research has been conducted regarding the marketing of home health, arid even less research projects have been implemented involving regional differences. The importance of researching this is found in its impact on how agencies market themselves. By spreading this new information about what makes a company successful and the regional differences, companies can improve marketing techniques, stimulating their success rates. In addition, given the increased number of people retiring in the next decade, this research is relevant and needed.


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