Sarcopenia, Resistance Training, Disability, Elderly, Hypertrophy, Atrophy


This study analyzed the research on older adults and resistance training exercise and assessed effects on health span and lowering disability rates. A targeted search of the literature was employed using the following key words: sarcopenia, resistance training, hypertrophy, quality of life, disability, activities of daily living, strength training, falls, and functional strength. These were used to find articles that were relevant to the research. Articles were excluded if they focused on young athletes as they did not meet my research age group. Articles that focused on nutrition were also excluded as they pulled the focus away from the impact of resistance training on sarcopenia. The final exclusion that was made was to avoid any articles that made the focus on aerobic exercise as opposed to the focus being on resistance training. The age range of the participants was 60 years old to 93 years old. The results of the study saw that out 20 studies/sources cited shows that resistance training has been shown to increase the overall health, both mental and physical, of the 65+ population. Resistance training has been shown to increase functional capacity and ability to do activities of daily living, most importantly it reduces fall risk in the 65+ population. Finally, by helping to reduce fall risk and increasing overall health, resistance training has been shown to reduce the risk of disability in elderly adults. In conclusion, the risk of falls and serious consequences were reduced as the functional capacity and muscular strength of the elderly population increased. Overall, strength training has a positive effect on the elderly population and contributes to them maintaining their health, independence, and quality of life as long as possible.

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