Fertility Preservation; Sperm banking; Testicular Cancer; Online Resources; Cancer


Fertility preservation remains a crucial component of Testicular Cancer patients’ health-related quality of life. Significant inconsistency is present in the availability and accessibility of information related to fertility preservation for patients with Testicular Cancer. The purpose of this critical review was to determine the quantity and quality of fertility preservation provided through the websites of top cancer care centers. A total of 15 centers were chosen based on the top cancer centers from US News and World Report and expanded upon using Definitive Healthcare’s top 10 centers treating Testicular Cancer by volume. Webpages were collected and graded for accessibility of Testicular Cancer and fertility preservation information using the original 2-part, 18-item Website Criteria Questionnaire. Each center received 2 grades of low or high based on the availability and usability of offered content. Of the 15 care centers surveyed, 8 (53.3%) demonstrated high scores on the usability of official institution website(s) for the purpose of fertility preservation. Two (13.2%) received high scores on the content depth and availability. While approximately half of the cancer centers surveyed has links or webpages leading to fertility preservation information or outside services, none had a direct contact to FP services provided by the institution. The results of this paper highlight the crucial need to improve accessibility of information regarding fertility preservation to patients with Testicular Cancer. With more patients turning to the internet for answers, there needs to be complete and valuable resources available to patients online.

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