Spanish; Translation; Tooth Fairy; Ratón Pérez; Baby Teeth


The Ratón Pérez story is an essential landmark in the childhoods of many, especially in Latin American culture. The tale serves as a tool to help children with the anxiety and pain that may be associated with loss of their primary teeth and creates an exciting tradition for them to partake in. Despite the prevalence of this story among Hispanic populations, the last translation of it into English was by Ada Margarete Smith, Lady Moreton (1914). Given the large oral health disparity between the Hispanic population and other ethnic groups in the United States, a more updated translation may serve the current audience better. As such, the foremost aim of this thesis is to provide a more modern take on Luis Coloma’s published Ratón Pérez, with departures from Moreton’s translation to create a more relatable and accessible tale for children to hear. Throughout the translation in this thesis, the main objective is to preserve the style and heart of the story. This English translation seeks to reflect the varied style and accessibility of Coloma’s original work while also making it more relatable for an American audience to read. The hope is that this translation is later used to facilitate better oral hygiene practices in Hispanic children, especially if the use of this tale allows parents to more effectively do so due to their cultural ties.

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