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Episode 34: Stella Sung: Combining Art and Technology


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Stella Sung

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Knights Do That


composer; Pegasus Professor; Center for Research and Education in Arts, Technology and Entertainment; CREATE; virtual reality; augmented reality


Season three of Knights Do That, UCF’s official podcast, returns with its seventh guest, Stella Sung, a renowned composer, Pegasus Professor, trustee chair professor, and director of the Center for Research and Education in Arts, Technology and Entertainment (CREATE) at UCF. Sung started her career at UCF as a music professor and now teaches in the School of Visual Arts and Design, where she encourages students to stay on the cutting edge of art across all forms.

Here she shares the importance of integrating science and the arts, as well as her research on using virtual and augmented reality in the classical concert setting.

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Season 3

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Episode 34

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